Monday, February 26, 2007


I joined a group for fatties. I can say that. I am one. These two doctors from one of the 8 million hospitals in a one-mile radius wanted to help young women struggling to control their weight. What better place to fulfill this goal than to go to the nearby all women's college. So here I am, one of a group of 7 students involved in the battle of the bulge meeting in a tiny room with "healthy snacks" once a week. Ugh...

The first meeting, we all went around and shared our goals for the 11 week group where knowledge of food and activity is imparted upon us. My roommate and I were the only ones who did not claim to go to the gym for a full hour everyday! I mean, if you are really going to the gym everyday, 7 hours a week, why are you in need of a weight loss group? Either your lying, have a terrible metabolic issue, or eat like total SHIT! But apparently they also eat relatively well, so I don't know but I felt like a loser. I have gone to the gym maybe three times since December. But it's about me right? Not them. I am in this group to benefit from the knowledge of the professionals and the apparent support from the other women. I am trying to be positive, and focus on me. Focus on my health and not the numbers, etc... And what goes along with health? Testing, and taking insulin at the appropriate time, and so on and so forth.

Because I can keep myself in relatively ok control without testing consistently it's easy to let myself get out of the routine of testing. I can keep a low 7 A1c and I know that doesn't mean it's ok but when there is so much to do and I don't feel unhealthy, well. It’s just hard to keep up with it. So part of my goal for my 11 week super health tune up is to keep up and perhaps double or triple my efforts to test regularly. It's important. I don't want to go blind, or lose a foot, or live a shorter life, heck, I don't even want to feel more tired, or any of the other issues, big or small, that go along with uncontrolled diabetes, or bad health in general.

So along with work outs, healthy eating, food logs and a sunny disposition I will be recording blood sugars, boluses, etc, etc. I know, every time I post (which is like, never) I talk about the efforts I am going make to pull my diabetes into the control that the rest of my life finally seems to be in. I have to say that everything I have written about trying to get in gear has been true. I have meant every word. But sometimes it takes a few (several) tries to get it right. So here I go again! Wish me luck.