Friday, November 03, 2006

Since my last post...

School started and life got complicated, well, more complicated. Here's a brief overview (in list format):
1. My poor time management skills have lead me to a state of periodic physical and emotional disaray.
2. I am 24 and living in a dorm, my suite-mate has had a total breakdown, and won't live with me or her roommate anymore yet won't move her stuff out.
3. Diabetes care??? What's that? I have to do things??? Testing several times a day? Oh, must have missed that memo. I thought that was only when you aren't busy.
4. I am getting fatter everyday. I mean seriously. Yet I don't seem to be doing anything about it.
5. Senior year...grad school starting two weeks after all seems a bit overwhelming. addition to to finishing the academic portion of my serior year successfully I need to:
1. test my blood sugar somewhat regularly
2. exercise and eat healthy
3. take the MTEL (the test for liscensure for teachers in MA) so I can start grad school on time (anyone remember what a gerund is???)
4. have a little fun!!!

The good news: Over all I am happy. I have great friends, great mentors, and I continue feel in control of my life. I have no intention of losing these things, I worked hard for them and they are here to stay!

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