Monday, November 06, 2006


Yay, my first time being tagged!!! Thanks Kassie!

Ok 5 relatively unkonw things about me:
1. I was the Massachusetts State Champion in Tae Kwon Do when I was 12 for the 12-14 year old age group. That summer I went to the Junior Olympics where I came in (gulp) 4th. I got my black belt the next summer.

2. I am dying to go back to CBC for many reasons but one nagging reason is that I went for 11 summers but couldn't be a double Bartonian because I was still a camper my last year.

3. I have a very hard time being organized. I mean it's really bad. When I am stressed I can't see my floor and there are almost always Diet Coke bottles in various stages of emptiness all over. I try to make the distinction between being messy and being dirty, but honestly, sometimes, things get kind of dirty.

4. I only did 2 years of formal high school, graduated a year early, and now, I am graduating from college 3 years late. Lesson learned: Nothing goes according to plan and it isn't worth fighting with what you've got and keep going, even when it feels futile.

5. I am obsessed with Tina Fey (from SNL). I mean, stalker obsessed. In fact I am obsessed with a disturbingly large number of actors/acresses. Like Maura Tierney, love her and her character on ER. Chris Meloni from Law and Order SVU: like him, love his character. It is very embarassing. I never intended to be one of those people who lived vicariously through TV but I do, I talk to the characters/actors while I am watching TV. Needless to say I find myself watching TV alone most of the time.

Oh, and I loooooove Insta Glucose.

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Kassie said...

blow off grad school and go back to camp :)

you are old enough to drive the vans now!!