Thursday, January 11, 2007

Godbless the creators of diabetes related clothing...

Is it tacky to wear a diabetes related t-shirt, sweatshirt, thong (yes, thong) at 24???? Well, I mean, i hope 10 year olds aren't wearing thongs...but I digress). Thanks to one of you lovely bloggers out there I discovered the wealth of diabetes related apparel at I will now share with you my favorites:
1. Wilfred Brimley...first off he's obivously HOTTTT!!!! Second, he has spent many years reminding us that if we are on Medicare we may be able to get our diabetus testing supplies at no cost and delivered right to our doors.

Cool or scary? You be the judge:

2.I know many of you have seen this one but it bears further advertising, my bro wants this one:

3. A truer statement was never made:

Now my least favorite one (I would love other people's opinions):

Overall, I find all of these quite humorous. There is a shirt/sweatshirt/thong/bag for everyone, even your diabetic cat/dog.


art-sweet said...

Where is that thong from?

I must have it, even though I hate ass floss, aka thongs.

Fred (didn't know it was a girl's name did ya???) said...

Yes while ass floss is rather uncomfortable, if it's got a sketchy looking old man on it, it's worth the discomfort. You can purchase our good friend Wilfred Brimley beautifully displayed on underwear at Enjoy

cassass said...

hi. i saw a link to your blog through flickr groups (diabetes made visible) i'm cassandra, dx'd at 7, now 24. just opened my flickr:
so there aren't many pics.

just wanted to say hi. i don't know too many diabetics, and am enjoying finding new message boards and groups online. like your blog.


Jonah said...

I wear a hat that says Powered By Insulin.
The "I'm with stupid" bugs me because I figure it's my immune system that's stupid.

Dawn said...

Haha! This guys face on a crotch could deter a WOLF! its too funny.