Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Getting better

So since my last post things have been getting better slowly but surely. While my average for the last 14 days isn't stellar (high 100's) I have tested an average of 3 times a day up from...well...less than that. On the eating front things are going well, more fiber and protien, less fat. I realized that I walk 7 miles on Tuesdays, 5 on Wednesdays and 5 on Fridays just by going to and from work (and half of those are straight up hill)!!! Last week I went to the gym twice and this week I have gone Sunday, Monday and today! I feel good. No real changes in my perception of my weight though, and I ahve decided to not look at numbers, go by feel of clothes instead. No need to get obsessed (it's happened before and got me nowhere). So that's where I stand. My basals and carb ratios have gone down and I am feeling a little more energetic. Procrastination could be the death of me adn I thank God that this is pretty much my last year of traditional college classes! Woo-frickin-hoo!!!!! Thanks for the support and kind words!


cass said...

i'm a total dork, i know, but i wear a pedometer all day long! just because on work days, being aware of how active i am helps, seeing as if i am not careful, i end up sitting in front of a computer for 9 hours and not getting up at all.
so, i am a big pedometer enthusiast. haha. you should try it, it's fun. there are even weblogs that you can use to track your steps. i use walkertracker.com

Kassie said...

hey! where are ya? Check in!

marie said...

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Jeff said...

Hi Fred,

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