Thursday, August 31, 2006

Courtesy of 20 years of diabetes

So I have had some gastrointestinal issues for years. Reflux, some pretty awful shall we say irregularity and related stuff. I have been on antacids, laxatives, powders, pills. Nothing really making things normal, but it has been manageable. In the last 8 months or so I have been having more trouble and I have been super bloated ALL the time. I can't eat normal sized meals unless I am wearing an elastic waist band. I finally went to my GI doctor because I was just so uncomfortable. Turns out it is something fairly common in people who have had diabetes as long as I have. Gastroparesis. Ugh.. It basically means that my GI muscles don't work well and my food sits in my stomach instead of moving down my GI tract. It causes my severe reflux and bloating and makes my irregularity even less..well regular. I know it could be worse. I really do. I am grateful that I have my eye sight, my limbs, etc.. but I find an additional inconvenience courtesy of my diabetes irritating. I mean it's amazing how much one can take digesting and pooping for granted. I guess it's just another reminder that hey, even when you're in control, your diabetes is there, throwing a tiny wrench into the machinery. So armed with some additional tools (meds) I'll take my skills as a diabetes mechanic and make it all work as best as possible. But if my body is reading this, I would totally appreciate a break from this crap (no pun intended).

A side note: The freshmen arrive Sunday and as an orientation leader, I get to introduce them to the world of college. Having done this in June as well, I can definitely say that I will keep my age (now a lovely 24 years) a secret this time. Apparently when you are 17 or 18, 24 is old. I don't remember thinking that way at that age, but hey, I'm so old I may be losing my memory.

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Minnesota Nice said...

I was diagnosed with gp several years ago. It lasted about 9 months and then went away - I haven't had any symptoms since. Maybe yours will just be "temporary" also.