Sunday, January 14, 2007

Being irresponsible or bad luck?? and Furry friends.

So I have been doing much better with my diabetes routine the last 2 or 3 days and I am already enjoying the feeling of accomplishment. But there was a slight bump in the road Friday. I went to Amherst with my Mom to help Joey, my bro, move into a new apartment. I am always very careful to test when I am with Joe because it prompts him to do so. I know that he is not testing for weeks, yes weeks, at a time and not always taking his insulin. Well, I got to Amherst and at lunch time I realized I had not strips. Grrrr... Why hadn't I realized I was perilously low on strips before I left the house. I mean I tested before I started driving. Ugh... Well, no problem really, I can use Joey's meter. Uh, no I guess I can't since he has stopped even carrying it with him. I was able to use his before dinner (I reminded him to bring it along) and under bolused a little to make sure I didn't go low on the drive home. Once I got home I was able to test and I wasn't too high, 190. And so I have kept up with testing the last day and a's a start.

I think I will post about Joe and my fears for him soon (I am so afraid for him), but I am not up to it right now, I'm still indulging in vacation laziness which will end in count 'em, 2 days. Happy weekend.

Ooooh, oooh, one more thing. I have decided to follow in the footsteps of many of you and begin a weekly posting about my favorite furry friends: my feline children/nephew. So without further ado, I would like to introduce you to the most important men in my life:
This is Eeyore, better known as PeePee (No recollection of how that got started). He is 8 years old and I got him from my friend Claire for my 16th birthday. He is still a little kitten at heart and loves to give stinky kisses. He has a benign heat murmur.

This is Casey. He was rescued from the Animal Rescue League. The previous owners wrote on his comment card that he was naughty, irritating, and noisy. I fell in love with him the second I met him. He is noisy...oh God is he noisy. But he is funny and loving and sweet. He is 4 years old and was the best Christmas present EVER!!! Oh, and he LOVES to lick plastic bags, sometimes he gets a little too into them.

This is Velcro. He is my nephew. We got him for Joey a month after I got PeePee. Mom and I were walking home from CVS and saw a cat in a van. My mom said she thought he might be real. The window was open and a woman stuck her head out and said "Yes he is real, would you like him!!!" In a moment of weakness, (or was it strength?) Mom said ok. the rest is history. He is 8 years old and just moved to Amherst with Joey 2 days ago. PeePee, mom and I miss him very much. Joey is beside himself with joy and velcro is settlling in. Oh and the cutest thing about Velc, he always wants to sleep on your chest and he ever so gently claws your face. You can tell he is being loving but gosh it hurts.


Kerri. said...

Holy crap, your little gray cat look just like my little gray cat!

If they have more than just looks in common, you should sleep with one eye open. And keep the car keys out of reach. ;)

BetterCell said...

Hi Fred.....Thanks for sharing the stories and photos about your cats. They all look kind and intelligent. I think that only people who have "lived" with cats and accepted them into their Family can know just by looking at them, what they are like.

cassandra said...

nice cat pics! very cute!

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