Sunday, July 09, 2006

The I AM meme...I just steal things from other people when I am not feeling creative.

1. I am a young woman (although old enough that people have started calling me miss and ma'am)
2. I have type 1 diabetes (20 years as of 07/07/06)
3. I am verrrrrry short (5'1")
4. I am a college senior
5. I am very loving
6. I am really great with children
7. I am sometimes cranky
8. I am painfully perfectionistic
9. I am a singer
10. I am energetic
11. I am addicted to my iPod (well music in general)
12. I am a proud pumper
13. I am a daughter
14. I am a big sister
15. I am a best friend
16. I am patient
17. I am honest
18. I am strong physically and emotionally
19. I am accepting
20. I am an activist
21. I am passionate
22. I am a lover of debate and intense conversation
23. I am intolerant of hatred or abuse
24. I am motivated
25. I am a lover of learning (I heart school)
26. I am a committed, loving, honest friend
27. I am learning from my past, living in and loving the present, and looking forward to the future
28. I am an animal lover
29. I am a HUGE fan of RENT (the musical)
30. I am learning to embrace my strengths and my weaknesses

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