Friday, July 14, 2006

Ugh..Nicole's biggest diabetes pet peeves!

Note: I recognize that I am guilty of doing many things that are probably someone else's pet peeves. That fact does not escape me so please don't take offense.
And now, in no particular order:

1)When people say diabetIs. It's an E guys, not an I. Even worse variation of this: endos who say diabetis (I know a few, but in their defense, they are wonderful docs).

2)When people find out that I have diabetes and then ask me if I should be eating the cupcake/cake/ice cream/etc.. that I am trying to enjoy!! (Yes I should, and anyways, it's none of your damn business!)

3)When people ask me if I can eat salt. Where the hell did that come from in the first place, I mean I get the sugar thing to some extent, but salt???

4)When after finding out that I have diabetes people say, "So, did you used to be really fat/lazy/eat a lot of fat and sugar?" I mean people, where the hell do you get your social skills. First of all, type 1 diabetes is not associated with being overweight/sedentary/etc... Second of all, who asks that shit? I mean grrrr...whatever, not worth getting upset right now!

5)When people start assuming that everytime I am feeling anything other than super happy that I must be low. Oh my gosh, is it against the law to be sad/angry/cranky without it being caused by my diabetes? I apprectiate the concern and the attention to my health, but just a reminder, people with diabetes have (non-hypo induced) fellings too!!!

Ahhh..feels good to let that out! I know that people who do these things are probably just trying to show concern, interest, etc...or to pronounce something, but I just can't help feeling irked by this stuff.


art-sweet said...

I did a huge peeves post a while back... it was fun to see everyone's responses and realize I am not alone. I hate the "should you be eating that too." And "diabetis" makes my skin crawl.

Shannon said...

#'s 1 & 2 are my biggest as well. I also hate when people say "Brendon looks so healthy". Naw, really?