Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Pump in need of a name

Now I name almost everything I own that is of value to me. I never named my current pump however, nothing has struck me as the perfect name. Seeing the blogs of so many pumpers with names for their pumps I have decided that I must follow suit and find a name for my blue Deltec Cozmo. I am looking for suggestions. So, if you have a name that you think is particularly great for a lovely blue pump, then let me know. I will post a pic of my pump later in the day.


Kassie said...


art-sweet said...

"Lady" as in "Lady sings the blues"

Or just Billie.

George said...

Well, the first thing that popped into my head was "Smurf" but I am strange since I named my pump "Master P."

What about "Pebbles the Blue Pump?"

Lame again. Skip me. LOL

Nicole P said...

I like Indigo Montoya. Indigo or Indy for short. Indigo - means blue and it's the name of a favorite character of mine. Gotta love a guy that can hold a grudge humorously. ;)

Kassie said...

I stand by Ginger.

As in Fred and Ginger, doing their diabetes dance :)