Saturday, July 01, 2006

Things only a PWD would find exciting/interesting

Today I was waiting for the train and somehow became acutely aware of what a great job I had done with my current pump infusion site. I had been painless wshen inserting it, I couldn't feel anything when I bolused, and the tape was perfectly smooth, not a wrinkle or loose edge. I was getting really excited about this when I realized that most people would not only find the state of my infusion set less than interesting, but they may even thisnk I was a bit odd for feeling any sort of joy over it. So I started a mental list of other things that only a PWD would find noteworthy. Here it is:

1.Numbers (I find myself relating bus numbers, prices, addresses, etc.. to blood sugars, A1c's, etc.. I get ereally excited if I see a number corresponding to a recent test result)
2.Other people with pumps (I get really excited when i see people with pumps. I have been known to walk up to them with a big grin and say, "I have a pump too" or "Don't you just love the pump?")
3.Medic Alert bracelets (I love to look online for cool ones, particularly at ones aimed towards kids becuase they are so much better than any of the ones I had when I was younger)

I am sure more will come to me later.
Oh, and as I was telling my mother about this earlier, the woman ringing us up at the store we were in turned and I noticed that she had a pump. Needless to say, a very energetic conversation took place.

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